DP Box

DP-Box is DPC's application hub.


Whitelist xNFT

Limited xNFT will be rewarded to community members who contributed to the project in the early stage:

  • Box pioneer: one xNFT that could be used to generate a unique pioneer ID

  • Box member: linked to pioneer ID

Box pioneer ID generation

100 xNFT will be dropped to 100 whitelisted address Pledger pioneer xNFT, connect wallet address to generate pioneer ID Pioneer ID is permanently linked to the wallet for now


Box user's return will be increased by 10% after being linked to Pioneer ID Box pioneers will be rewarded 10% of profits from following Box users

dNFT Bond Certificate

Bonds are the principal source of Treasury inflows, and it leads to DP's expansion.

Box dNFT bond certificate is a certificate with a fixed value and interest in Box. Interests will be rewarded based on the blocks. The initial value can be withdrawn when the term matures, the reward will distribute the interest.

Box dNFT bond certificates could be converted through DPC/USDC_LP or DPC/NUSD_LP. Converted LP will be stored in the DPC.DAO.PCV vault contract. Contracts within vault contracts could only be used for DP ecosystem governess and only certain support operations. This design is aimed at improving liquidity for DP.

dNFT features

Certain restrictions have been enforced on returns to keep DP users diverse and limit whale users. The market determines the interest of different bonds. Furthermore, different terms of bonds lead to differences in the interest rate. The terms of the bonds include 7-days, 30-days, 90-days, and 180-days. All previous transactions will have an impact on the following new NFT's interest. The market will help keep the interest and risk balanced and help users turn unpredictable yield farming income into fixed income to control risk.

DP Platform Voting Certificate veDPC

veDPC token will be rewarded to the dNFT bondholder. With this, the holders have the right right to vote. It makes holders eligible for sharing governess profit. The veDPC will be rewarded in proportion to the length of the term, with 180 days the most and seven days the least.

1 DP token lock for 1 year = 1 veDPC

Assume 1DPC/USDC_LP=10000DPC

Jordan lock 0.2 DPC/USDC_LP for 90 days, he will get 100000.290/360=50000 veDPC.

Superhero Holder Incentive — Amplify DPC volitivity

To improve DPC price volatility, super holder incentives will accumulate when the DPC price is at an oversold range. After the DPC price goes back to the moving average, an extra reward would be given.

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