✹What is DPC & esDPC?


DPC is the token issued for the protocol,The total supply of DPC is 21,000,000,000,

of 80% added to liquidity pool,

10% for operations (online tasks, KOL, listing),

10% for mining rewards.


esDPC are the governance tokens for the DP platform. which has the functions of governance, rewards, and liquidity guidance. It enables holders to vote on modifications to the DP Protocol.

DPC Usage

Anyone who holds the DPC can use them to:

DPC can be freely converted into esDPC any time. The process is instant, and the ratio is 1:1.

Gain dNFT in DP-Box.

Saving in DP-Lend.

Add liquidity pool to DEX.

Makes trades in the major CEXs.

Purchase or create DP strategy in DP-PCV.

Other exchange transactions within the ecosystem.

DP Ecosystem Revenue Sources

To maintain the protocol and the keep it smooth and running, revenue sources are expected to come from the following:

Lend interest spread.

Swap transaction fee.

PCV Management fee.

NUSD stabilization fee.

According to the contract of the protocol, all revenues have to be stored.

DP Contract Revenue Distribution

Revenue from DP services will be used to buy back DPC from the public market.

90% goes to esDPC Holders.

10% goes to the Treasury.

Redeem esDPC

Through the vesting process, you can redeem esDPC for DPC.

You must consider the following ratio and output rates when redeeming esDPC tokens.

Minimum duration - 15 days (50% DPC output)

Maximum duration - 6 months (100% DPC output)

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