About us

DP Team——M11

DP team is formed by a group committed to providing a Defi platform that is open and fair to its community. Inspired by the superstring theory, especially m-theory, the DP team named itself M11 in the hope that the DP platform could inspire unlimited possibilities even beyond our current dimension. The DP team is really excited about the potential futures that the DP platform could enable its users to create!

Founding Members

M11-J: I'm here to guarantee Developer's quality & security standards.

PhD-University of Chicago, focusing on financial technology and crypto economy. Served as project director and security consultant for Binance, FTX and Gate.io and other exchanges, with professional network security background. He is responsible for managing the network security team, maintaining and improving Developer's quality and security standards.

M11-C: I'm here to ensure that Developer moves forward as planned.

PhD-Stanford University, once worked for Goldman Sachs, invested and promoted many companies to complete NASDAQ listing. He is an expert in operation and integration, Good at leading the implementation of partnership and marketing strategy. He isresponsible for managing the marketing andoperation team, to make sure that Developer moves forward as planned.

M11-Z: I'm here to make sure the high-quality product experience when using Developer.

PhD-University of Chicago, good at product development and digital quantitative model. Once served as the chief product officer of cryptocurrency exchange, with more than10 years of product development and operation experience, he is responsible for the exploration of development and implementation as well as product testing in Developer, so as to ensure the high-quality product experience when using Developer.

M11-X: I'm here to make sure the perfect presentation of ul/Ux.

PhD-Stanford University, once worked for Google, is an expert in Web3 and smart contract development.The smart contract developed by him has been applied to quickswap, waultswap, polydex, etc. He led the team to complete the development of PC and mobile to ensure the perfect presentation of ul/Ux.

When was DP launched?

DP was born in June 2021, the day our governance distribution contracts went live. Our first product of DP was launched in December 2021.

How is DP organized?

DP is a decentralized working hub for people with a vision to come together and build the future of global finance. Smart contract devs, UI, UX, strategists, statisticians, designers, and artists - anyone can join and contribute (no matter your nationality, sex, or views). By investing in DP, you are investing in the idea that a group of highly technical individuals can safely, securely and creatively leapfrog the chains of traditional finance.

Why is the project anonymous?

Personalities get in the way of projects, and we believe DP stand for itself. By having a team that operates anonymously, even amongst itself, we can focus on providing the best experience for our users. That’s because we believe the strength of DP comes from what we build, which is an opportunity for investors to both automate and maximize the ROI of their holdings.

We urge anyone with concerns that anonymity diminishes credibility to join our Telegram community and get the most intuitive feeling for the strength and depth of the project.

DP Milestone

2021.Q2 Market Research, Project Initiation

2021.Q3 Basic R&D,Development of Lend & Swap

2021.Q4 Testing of Lend and Swap, Development of PCV

2022.Q1 Optimize PCV, Lend, Swap compatibility,Community Building

2022.Q2 Product 1.0 beta launch

2022.Q3 Governance model release, governance token DPC issuance

2022.Q4 Multi-chain deployments (head master chains such as ethereum)

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