DP-PCV Product UI

Invest and Redeem

PCV Creation and Management

Create Special Purpose Loan through PCV.DAO

  • Special Purpose Loan throughDAO.PCV will increase fund utilization in certain circumstances. Take a new governess token A for example, after token A onboard to DP-Lend, token A team could create DAO.PCV.Token A contract, with default credit 0, DP-Lend_Token A pledge rate 0.75 - only eligible for lending token A.

  • Scenario 1,Deposit into DP-Lend 1000000 token A,availabe loan amount 0.

  • Scenario 2,Deposit to DAO.PCV 1000000 token A,lend 3000000 Token A, to help improve Token A’s saving interest rate and market float.

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